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Our Team

Bill Gazza

Frank Frink

Bill is the founder and President of GTS. Bill is a retired SWAT Team Leader from Santa Cruz SO. Bill is part owner of Armored Mobility Inc and has been the VP of Training for them for the last 20 years. Bill is also the former Dierctor of Training for ALS-Pacem Defense. Bill has thousands of hours of time conducting real life missions and that has translated over to real life training. Bill has trained Elite SWAT teams, Military Units both foreign and domestic, Schools, Hosptials, Businesses, Fire Depts, EMS, Dispatchers and Civilians. Bill is a FBI, NRA, Glock and H&K certified Range Master and an NRA Cheif Range Safety Officer. During his 20 years at the Sheriff's Office Bill worked, Corrections, Patrol, Court Security, Field Training Officer, Gang Investigator, Community Policing and Undercover Narcotics. Bill was a SWAT Team Leader, the Mobile Field Force Less Lethal Platoon Leader, Chief Range Master, Court Certified Narcotics, Gangs and Firearms Expert. Bill has trained families and kids over 9 years old as well. Whatever your training needs are we can provide that training to you!

Frank is our Master Armorer. He is currently the Head Armorer for a large law enforcement agency in Florida. Frank was the Head Armorer in Bagdad for the State Department. He holds multiple factory certifications.

GTS Cadre

All of our instructors are Subject Matter Experts in the subject that they teach. All are real operators who have actually been there and done that for real! Most are current or past SWAT or MFF leaders.

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